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Using our special dip tank, we remove all parts from your hob, grill, and oven.

These are then placed in our dip tank and are left to soak, while we work on the interior of the oven and the hob.

Once the dip is complete, we rinse all parts, and then replace into the oven, relieving you of the tedious dirty work, giving your grungy oven the makeover it deserves.

As most people will realise, cleaning the oven is probably the least liked of all household chores.

At Specialist cleaning Carlisle, we can guarantee to provide such a service to the highest of standards by using our tried and tested methods.
Oven Cleaning
Hard Floor Cleaning
Hard flooring and tiles is an expensive commodity, and need to be cared for correctly.

There is nothing looks worse than a hard floor that has its seal worn, allowing dirt to penetrate.

We can strip the existing seal clean the floor, including the grout, and finally re-seal to a matt or high gloss finish’