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We now use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for all our upholstery cleaning needs.

At Upholstery cleaning Carlisle, all our cleaning solutions are eco friendly, contain no detergents, enzymes or solvents, and are fully biodegradable.

This process means there will be no re-soiling due to the fabric being cleaned, staying cleaner and fresher for longer.

We use the most powerful triple vacuumed machinery available, leaving your fabrics much drier, usually dry within 1-2 hours, we can also speed dry your upholstery with our room driers.

Soon to be introduced is our new van mounted system, which will heat the water as we drive to the job. This greatly reduces our carbon footprint, and saves you, the customer losing all your hot water. This should be in operation for the summer of 09. The machine will stay in the vehicle, meaning less disruption in your home.
We also offer Curtain Cleaning!

Cleaning of curtains is carried out in-situ.

We use a dry steam system, in conjunction with our eco cleaning solution; this eliminates the risk of shrinkage. There is no need to remove the curtains, making it a hassle free service.

We will carry out a careful assessment of the curtains and what needs to be done
We also recommend the application of stain-protectors, which will result in your curtains staying cleaner for longer.
Upholstery Cleaning Carlisle